Bradley Cooper Will Produce And Potentially Star In Lance Armstrong Film For Warner Bros.

bradley cooper

Earlier this year, you may recall that Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures announced a biopic in the works detailing the rise and fall of infamous cyclist Lance Armstrong. Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper was rumored for the lead role but then declined the claims. Interestingly, Deadline has reported that Cooper will produce and potentially star in the Warner Bros. Armstrong project Red Blooded American, set to be helmed by Game Change director Jay Roach.

According to the report, Cooper will play one of the two lead roles. One of the lead roles is Armstrong, of course, and the other is Armstrong’s former teammate Tyler Hamilton. If you haven’t been following the doping controversy, Hamilton is the former teammate who came forward with details in a 60 Minutes segment. Contagion and Side Effects screenwriter Scott Z. Burns wrote the script for Roach.

Surprisingly, this is one of three Lance Armstrong projects that are currently in the works. Besides the project that Bad Robot and Paramount have announced, which is an adaptation of Juliet Macur’s book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, there’s also the Stephen Frears’ biopic that will star Ben Foster.

Bradley Cooper reunites with his Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell for American Hustle, which due in theaters on December 25th. Stay tuned for more updates.

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