Bradley Cooper Confirms The Hangover III Will Shoot Next Year & Conclude Series

I could never really get into The Hangover series. The first one had a minimum amount of chuckles, but for the most part it was a decent comedy that got way too much hype because of its box office success. People were constantly quoting every line from the film, which actually made it worse in my mind. I remember seeing it in theaters and thinking it wasn’t half bad, but week’s later people wouldn’t shut up about it. They were claiming it to be the comedy of the century. So I tried going back and watching it again only to find out I actually disliked it even more.

The second one is much worse because it copies the blue print of the first one, beat for beat. It tweaks little details, but it ultimately is the same film. It was way too repetitive for my tastes and even fans of the original thought it was kind of a letdown.

So we must approach this next batch of news with extreme caution. Star Bradley Cooper has confirmed The Hangover III will start shooting next year and that it will end the trilogy in a darker new direction. He spoke to The National Ledger and he told them that Todd Phillips, the writer/director of the first two is currently working on a script. He also mentioned that the first two followed a formula and that the third film will break structure and take place in L.A.

Now if you combine this piece of information with the story we covered awhile back that featured Zach Galifianakis discussing the third film possibly involving the rest of the cast breaking his character out of a mental institution then it looks like they might actually be serious when they said the third film will end the series with a bang.

As much as I despise the first two films I’m honestly looking forward to the third. I like bits and pieces from the first film and I truly think they can really make the third one a darker film if they go all out with it. I’d love to see it all end with our three main characters dead after a night of partying and mayhem. Wouldn’t you?


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