Brad Pitt To Retire From Acting In Three Years?

Brad Pitt is without a doubt one of the finest actors working today. He’s also easily one of the best actors of the past decade. His ability to have such a wide range of roles is unlike anyone else in the industry. Just in the past few years he’s worked with Quentin Tarantino, Terrence Malick, David Fincher and The Coen Brothers.

Pitt has no problem fully embracing his roles, whether it be a crazy gym nut bicyclist or a tough as nails lieutenant. Recently he’s been a pretty big player in the producing field; working on projects like The Assassination of Jesse James (which he stared in as Jesse James), Kick-Ass, Moneyball (also starred in), The Tree of Life and The Departed.

It’s no doubt that Pitt is a major player in the filmmaking world, which makes this next piece of news depressing. Recently Pitt spoke with the Australian edition of 60 Minutes where he was asked how long he planned on acting and he flat out said “three years”. When asked what he planned on doing afterwards this was his response:

“Hell if I know. Hell if I know. I am really enjoying the producing side and development of stories and putting those pieces together. And getting stories to the plate that might have had a tougher time otherwise, so…You know, I have gotten away with a few things in writing and I have been pissed off about a few things. How’s that?”

Pitt obviously wouldn’t fully retire from films. The man is still in his prime and I’m sure he’d get more than enough lucrative offers to consider staying in the game. I could see a short break to allow him to cool down and focus on his producing duties, but I just can’t see Pitt walking away from acting just yet.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Would it surprise you if Pitt really did retire in three years? Do you like him as an actor or producer? What’s your favorite film that he was in?

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