Brad Pitt Eyes World War Z Trilogy for Paramount

The big budget adaptation of Max Brooks’ hit novel World War Z has been through a lot in its short life.  After being primed for a big budget film for years, last year the project faltered when its ballooning budget put the film in jeopardy of not getting made.  Director Marc Forster (The Kite Runner, The Quantum of Solace) was on board, and so was Brad Pitt as the main character.  After struggling to get their funding (which they did), they have been under heavy criticism from fans of the book, which is a History Channel-like recalling of the events as they happened in the zombie apocalypse.

So far, it seems that they have done a bit of prequelizing with this film, showing more of the apocalypse as it happens, rather than recalling what happened after.  This is why people argue it won’t make a good film, the structure of the story has been changed to the degree that it becomes a different type of story altogether.  Instead of a Steven King-like recalling of events, it becomes a Contagion-esque apocalypse thriller, and the PG-13 rating doesn’t excite many fans either.

Now, with the film still unfinished, Brad Pitt is talking about the possibility of a trilogy for Paramount, which could be a bit of an explanation as to what this first film will be about, more setting up the apocalypse, where a second and third film may more closely follow the source material.  Not the first time a movie studio stretched source material into something more, but we’ll see how it turns out.  Word on whether Marc Forster would return to the director’s chair is still in limbo, but once this film is finished, I think we’ll have a better idea where they would go with a trilogy.


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