Box Office Rundown: Oct 19th-21st, 2012

Surprise, surprise.  Despite a decent amount of negative reviews, Paranormal Activity 4 has taken the weekend with a $30.2 million gross, which is a fantastic success on a $5 million budget.  Beware, there will be more coming.  Meanwhile, Argo took the number 2 spot with $16.6 million, boosting its total up to $43.1 million, nearly reaching the budget of the film, which makes it a financial success as well as a critical one.

At number 3, Hotel Transylvania managed to stick around with $13.5 million, bringing its total to $119 million, making it a rousing success at this point.  Taken 2 made $13.4 million in the number 4 spot, bringing the gross of that film to $105 million, proving Liam Neeson ain’t nothin’ to fuck with at the box office, as well as in his movies.

Alex Cross made a disappointing debut with $11.5 million at number 5, not exactly the franchise-started that QED was looking for the film to be.  Sinister hung around at number 6 with $9 million, which brings its total to $31.9 million, or 10 times the production budget, so that will be a franchise most likely.

Here Comes the Boom made $8.5 million at number 7, which makes its total gross a paltry $23 million, proving once again that Paul Blart may have been a fluke after all.

Pitch Perfect came in at number 8 with $7 million, bringing the total to $45 million for its short lifetime, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more movies based on singing in the near future, as the genre has money making potential.

Frankenweenie only made $4.4 million at number 9, bringing its total to $28 million, meaning it is still $11 million away from making its budget back, despite mostly positive reviews.  Looper stuck around the top 10 in the last slot with $4.2 million, bringing its total to nearly $58 million, not bad for a cerebral time travel flick that many thought would fly under the radar.

Outside the top 10, The Sessions made an impressive $30,000 per screen, so look for that one to expand much wider next week, even though there are 4 new movies hitting wide release.

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