Box Office Rundown: November 9th-11th, 2012

1. Skyfall – $87,800,000
1. Wreck-It Ralph – $33,056,000
3. Flight – $15,100,000
4. Argo – $6,745,000
5. Taken 2 – $4,000,000
6. Here Comes the Boom – $2,550,000
7. Cloud Atlas – $2,525,000
8. Pitch Perfect – $2,504,000
9. The Man With the Iron Fists – $2,490,000
10. Hotel Transylvania – $2,350,000

Well, I suppose it goes to show that Daniel Craig is the most beloved James Bond yet, with  Skyfall opening huge in the US with $87.8 million.  Since the movie opened overseas already (and the Bond films are international hits by nature), this puts the worldwide total at over $500 million.  Wreck-It Ralph clocked in at number two with $33 million, putting the total at $93 million, meaning it will be a bona-fide hit for Disney.

Flight made $15.1 million on the weekend at number three, boosting its total to $47.7 million overall.  Argo continued to do strong at number four with $6.7 million, bringing its overall total to $85 million.  Taken 2 is still holding strong at number five with $4 million for the weekend, making its US total $131 million.

Here Comes the Boom made $2.55 million at number six, bringing its total tally to $39 million.  At number seven, Cloud Atlas made $2.52 million, limping its total over $22 million, a measly sum for such an expensive film, it won’t last in the top ten much longer.

Pitch Perfect made $2.5 million, meaning it has made $59 million overall, a nice hit for the type of movie it is.  The Man With the Iron Fists came in at number nine with $2.49 million, bringing its total to $12.7 million, which is not what Universal wanted from the $15 million film.

At number ten, Hotel Transylvania made $2.3 million, bringing its total to nearly $141 million, making the announcement of its impending sequel not all that surprising.  Next week, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is sure to shake up the top 10, probably by taking the number 1 spot from Bond easily.

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