Box Office Rundown: Nov 16th-18th, 2012

1. Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn Part 2  – $141,067,000

2. Skyfall – $41,104,000

3. Lincoln – $21,049,000

4. Wreck-It Ralph – $18,582,000

5. Flight – $8,802,000

6. Argo – $4,046,000

7. Taken 2 – $2,126,000

8. Jab Tak Hai Jaan – $1,283,000

9. Pitch Perfect – $1,267,000

10. Here Comes the Boom – $1,172,000

In a surprise to no one, the final Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 2  took the weekend, and while the film didn’t break any franchise records, it did lead the pack in the sixth highest grossing weekend at the box office of all time.  The final movie will most likely have more legs than previous installments, which tend to fall more than 60% the second weekend.  By now, anyone interested has probably caught up with the series, and will likely be finishing the franchise off in theaters, although their prime demographic at the time of the first Twilights release has probably outgrown this final film, as anyone that was 16 in 2008 is likely on to better things at 20 years old.  However, many will still be finishing off the franchise just to do so, and of course, a whole new legion of teens has jumped aboard the bandwagon in the time that has passed.

Skyfall dropped more than half its number last weekend, but that’s to be expected, and $41 million in a second week is nothing to be ashamed of, especially since its domestic total is already at $161 million, and worldwide, it is at $668 million, so it has the chance of hitting that magical billion mark.  Lincoln opened nationwide, and did strong numbers for a historical period piece with $21 million, and going into the holiday season, it will probably get close to $100 million.  Not a runaway hit, but it will be an awards contender, and should easily make back its $65 million budget.

Wreck-It Ralph continues to prove that Pixar doesn’t have a stranglehold on successful Disney animation, as it made $18 million in the number four spot, inching ever closer to matching the $165 million budget, which it will easily do in theaters, and probably more than double that number when it hits home video in the coming months.

Flight continues to do well at number five, with $8.8 million, pushing its gross over $60 million, which will make the bosses at Paramount happy considering its moderate $31 million budget.  Argo finished number six with $4 million, pushing it closer to that $100 million mark, but at this point it has doubled its production budget and is thick in the race for Best Picture, so no one is mad at Ben Affleck.

Taken 2 continues its strong theatrical run at number seven with $2.1 million, bringing its US gross to $134.6 million, more than triple its budget, and worldwide it has made $350 million, which is nothing to scoff at.  On limited screens, the Hindi film Jab Tak Hai Jaan surprised many with its strong showing at number eight, where it made $1.28 million here in the US, not bad for a foreign romance movie that runs 3 hours long.  Look for this one to get the Best Foreign Film nomination, and possibly, the win.

Pitch Perfect continues its sleeper hit status at number nine with $1.26 million, bringing its total to $61 million, not bad for a $17 million film.  Rounding out the top 10 was Here Comes the Boom with $1.17 million, making it a $40 million grosser, which, considering the probably small budget, makes it a hit as far as Kevin James is concerned.

Next week, we’ll see how Breaking Dawn Part 2 fares against a wide variety of new films like Life of Pi, Red Dawn, and Rise of the Guardians, as well as an expanding Silver Linings Playbook.   

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