Box Office Rundown: July 6th-8th

1. The Amazing Spider-Man – $65,000,000
2. Ted – $32,593,000
3. Brave – $20,162,000
4. Savages – $16,162,000
5. Magic Mike – $15,610,000
6. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection – $10,200,000
7. Madagascar 3 – $7,700,000
8. Katy Perry: Part of Me – $7,150,000
9. Moonrise Kingdom – $4,642,000
10. To Rome with Love – $3,502,000

Well, it’s not a huge surprise that The Amazing Spider-Man won the weekend, but it is interesting to not the first two films set the opening weekend records and fastest to $100 million records at the time of their release.  Faced with that kind of success (especially when Spider-Man 2 opened at $114 million in the same amount of time) Sony says they’re eyeing a trilogy, and they’re hoping they can get the grosses back to where they once were.  Marc Webb will get other work, but I doubt he’ll be back for the second film, and I haven’t even seen it.  Nor have I seen Ted, but that’s making its money so no one is mad at Seth MacFarlane.  Brave is steadily making money, and probably will continue to drop off slowly through the summer and it will be on DVD and Blu-Ray before Christmas.

Savages was supposed to be Oliver Stone’s return to the fast paced violent thriller genre and it seems that despite mixed reviews some people came out to see it, and I suppose the combo of his name and a cool trailer got the film in the crowded top 5, which is rounded out with Magic Mike, which was kind of front loaded with female audiences (the screening we saw had 50-somethings screaming out for Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum but they do that the first weekend, and this weekend’s 50%+ drop will turn into another drop next weekend, but the movie has made its money back, so no one is mad at Steven Soderbergh, either.

The latest Madea film made $10 million, next week it will make $5 million, and so on, but it probably cost a few million to make, and he has a big video audience, so Tyler Perry is doing fine with his favorite franchise.  Madagascar 3 is still making a few million dollars each weekend, limping to a big worldwide total and big video anticipation.  The Katy Perry movie will make $7 million for 7 weeks straight, because the same little girls will see it all summer, and then it will hit video and do the same.

Moonrise Kingdom is still hanging in there, expanding left and right, and getting good word of mouth all around.  This is why Wes Anderson does whatever he wants.  Woody Allen‘s latest To Rome With Love continues to do as well as his recent movies do, and on a long time line, they do pretty well financially.  Woody says he’ll make movies until he dies, and with money makers like this, he can.

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