Box Office Rundown: July 27th – 29th, 2012

1. The Dark Knight Rises – $64,075,000
2. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $13,300,000
3. The Watch – $13,000,000
4. Step Up Revolution – $11,800,000
5. Ted – $7,353,000
6. The Amazing Spider-Man – $6,800,000
7. Brave – $4,237,000
8. Magic Mike – $2,580,000
9. Savages – $1,753,000
10. Moonrise Kingdom – $1,387,000

Another summer weekend has passed, and The Dark Knight Rises stays on top of the box office.  Pulling in an additional $64 million over the weekend, the film has now made $289 million, vaulting it beyond its production budget, although the film did take a 60% hit from last weekend.  We’ll see how it steadies out.  Ice Age: Continental Drift is playing as the perfect counter-programming for kids, holding the #2 spot again, bringing it beyond $100 million so far.

New release The Watch was supposed to play to everyone who already saw The Dark Knight Rises (0r those not interested), but it turns out there aren’t many of those people.  The film grossed $13 million for the weekend, a disappointment for the studio on a $70 million budget they’ll be lucky to get back to.  The other new release for the weekend, Step Up: Revolution played to its core audience and brought in $11 million.  It will do well enough on video to get past the $33 million budget on that one.

Ted is still holding strong at number 5, pulling in $7 million, getting it ever closer to $200 million, which it will pass in August.    The Amazing Spider-Man dropped to number 6, but its made enough money to be a hit, so the fact that its dropping quickly doesn’t matter at this point.

Brave is still in the mix, grossing $4.2 million, bringing its total to $217 million, which is expected from Pixar.  Magic Mike has managed to stay in the top 10, grossing $2.58 million, bring its total well past $100 million.  Savages managed to hang in at number 9 with $1.75 million, where it has just about made its budget back.  At number 10, Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom is still surprising people, making $1.38 million on the weekend, $38 million total, which is great on a $16 million budget.

Next week brings us another Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel and the remake of Total Recall (which I’m still amazed they didn’t call Total Rekall) so we’ll be back next week to see how those do.

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