Box Office Rundown: July 13-15th

Ice Age: Continental Drift came out swinging its first weekend, grossing $46 million dollars in its domestic opening, bringing its global total to $385 million, not bad for a movie that probably cost less than $300 million to make and market.  They’ve gotten smart with the Ice Age films, they might not have the Pixar animation, but they keep kids interested with current stars (Drake, Nicki Minaj) doing voices and people love the Ice Age movies, kids and adults alike, so this movie is all win for Fox at this point.

The Amazing Spider-Man was toppled to #2, with a weekend total of $35 million, a 44% drop from last week, whereas the original Spider-Man film was a hit at $114 million, with only a 37% drop or less the first 4 weekends it was open.   While Marc Webb’The Amazing Spider-Man may never gross the $821 million Sam Raimi‘s film did, it’s already at $200 million domestic, and $521 million globally, it will still be a nice money maker for the $230 million Sony sank into the film, and a trilogy is already underway, so they’ll save on that hefty advertising tag with later sequels, at least a little.

Ted is still hanging in there at #3 with $22 million, bringing its domestic total to $158 million.  Seth MacFarlane has always been able to turn a profit post Family Guy’s  first cancellation.  As it nears $200 million global, he might decide to do more movies and attract more stars.  Number 4 is Brave with $10.7 million and it has now surpassed its $185 million price tag, even though it’s not selling in foreign territories much, grossing only $242 million worldwide, which probably barely covers advertising as well.

Magic Mike hung in there as well, taking $9 million on the weekend, notching it up to $90 million domestically, another Steven Soderbergh success with a $7 million price tag.  The $45 million Savages from Oliver Stone is creeping along with $8.7 million for the weekend, bringing its total to $31 million.  Tyler Perry continues with his movies that cost little and make a bit more, as Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection got $5.6 million for the weekend, bringing its total to $55 million, nearly triple the movie’s price tag.  Katy Perry: Part Of Me chugged along, getting $3.7 million, up to $18 million total on a $12 million budget.  Moonrise Kingdom is still playing on nearly 1,000 screens, earning another
$3.6 million, bringing its total to $32 million, double the $16 million budget.

Last but not least is Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is still playing despite Ice Age 4 opening, and it still made $3.5 million dollars, bringing its total to $203 million on a $145 million production budget.  This coming week, everything will be smashed apart by The Dark Knight Rises, let’s see how many people see it first weekend alone.

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