Box Office Rundown: January 25th-27th, 2013

hansel and gretel

1. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – $19,000,000
2. Mama – $12,860,000
3. Silver Linings Playbook – $10,000,000
4. Zero Dark Thirty – $9,800,000
5. Parker – $7,000,000
6. Django Unchained – $5,005,000
7. Movie 43 – $5,000,000
8. Gangster Squad – $4,200,000
9. Broken City – $4,000,000
10. Les Miserables – $3,912,000

Despite Jeremy hating it, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters broke out at number one at the box office with $19 million for the weekend.  It’s a very genre-heavy movie, so I don’t expect it to continue to do well in the coming weeks, but it will probably easily recapture its $50 million budget before leaving theaters, and probably add quite a bit more on top, as its the type of movie most people are bound to rent instead of seeing in theaters.

Mama dropped by more than half since last week, but since it was only made for $15 million, the $48 million it has captured so far at the box office has made it a success already.

After those top two, the rest of the list is populated by movies still playing well because of Oscar contention and positive word of mouth.  Everything else is new or slowly leaking from the top 10 after being dumped in January.  First, the Oscar contenders.

Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty came in at numbers 3 and 4, with $10 million and $9.8 million.  Both are at nearly $70 million total, which means they’re doing great.  Especially Silver Linings Playbook which was made for only $21 million, and Zero Dark Thirty was only made for $40 million, so they’re both doing well, and if they gain any awards, it will only boost their reputation.

Django Unchained made $5 million at number 6, and with $146 million overall, it’s doing great.  Les Miserables came in at number 10, with $3.9 million, and it’s also doing great with $137 million overall.

The two new movies Parker and Movie 43 made $7 million and $5 million, respectively, which aren’t great openings for either movie.   Parker was made for $30 million, which is low for an action movie, so it shouldn’t have trouble making its money back, even if it takes until home video to do so.  Movie 43, on the other hand, was made for only $6 million, so it will start turning a profit next week, even with advertising factored in.  When it hits video, it will be all profit.

Gangster Squad and Broken City are the two January crime movies that continue to flounder.  Broken City was made for $35 million, so the $15 million it has made so far is not very impressive.  The $60 million that it cost to make Gangster Squad is looking like it will be more than the movie is likely to make in theaters, but a home video boost might be able to make it profitable in the long run, but it will be tough.

Next week sees two more genre releases, although neither is likely to have a huge impact at the box office, so while there might be some minor shuffling, it’s unlikely a lot will change on the top 10.

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