Box Office Rundown: Jan 18th-20th, 2013


1.  Mama $28,100,000

2.  Zero Dark Thirty – $17,600,000

3.  Silver Linings Playbook – $11,350,000

4.  Gangster Squad – $9,100,000

5.  Broken City – $9,000,000

6.  A Haunted House – $8,300,000

7.  Django Unchained – $8,240,000

8.  Les Miserables  – $7,800,000

9.  The Hobbit – $6,400,o00

10.  The Last Stand – $6,300,000

It shouldn’t be surprising anymore when a horror movie premieres number one at the box office.  Somehow, people are still amazed.  It’s mostly horror fans though, and often they are baffled how terrible movies rocket to the top of the weekend charts when they are released.  It’s not surprising, as horror movies are popular among many different age groups, but mostly among the group that goes to the movies the most.  The 12-25 age demographic is easily the biggest, especially on opening weekend.  While older audiences may propel some films (like Lincoln) to prolonged runs on the top 10, it’s young audiences that make or break a film on opening weekend.  Often, they’ll see whatever is new at the theater, whether anything good has been said about it or not (often, this demo doesn’t read reviews).

That’s how Mama handily took the weekend with $28 million.  It will probably drop at least half by next weekend, because that’s when people who actually read reviews or listen to their friends go to the theaters to see new movies.  So when word gets out that most people hated it (like Jeremy did), they won’t bother to see it.  Some will see it anyway.  Since it was made on the relative cheap (half its gross), it’s considered a win, and it doesn’t matter if it’s garbage or not.  The plethora of advertising guaranteed its success, and that’s all the studio cares about.  The only positive is the studio will listen to Guillermo Del Toro a little more closely, and hey, he might even get to make At the Mountains of Madness one day after all.

Zero Dark Thirty continues its march into Oscar season with another strong weekend, its second in wide release, and has now grossed $55 million, out-grossing its budget.  If it let theaters now, it would be a success, but since I figure it will play well for another  couple of weeks (again, older audiences don’t rush to see new movies) it will only look better for the film.

Silver Linings Playbook ranked at number three for the weekend, after it doubled the amount of screens it was on since last weekend.  I finally saw the film myself, and I thought it was great, all the Oscar talk is definitely justified.  Since it’s already been out for over 2 months on limited screens, it now has a total gross of $55 million, more than double its production budget.  If David O. Russell’s films weren’t a sure thing after The Fighter, they sure are now.

Gangster Squad dropped half its gross at number 4, and at this point it has only grossed half its production budget.  Since it will only continue to backslide from here, things don’t look well for the period crime movie.  Oh well, the genre itself is safe, it just seems this one movie wasn’t up to par.

Broken City made $9 million at number 5, and since it was made for only $30 million, it should just about break even by the time it’s out of theaters at the end of the month.  A Haunted House made over $8 million in its second weekend in theaters, meaning it has made almost $30 million so far, a huge success for a $2.5 million movie.  That means we’re in for a lot more spoof movies in the near future.

Django Unchained made $8.2 million at number 7, pushing it to nearly $140 million overall.  Not bad for a $100 million movie about a slave’s revenge.  Les Miserables is in the same boat at number 8, having made $130 million on a $61 million budget, and with a big awards push, it will only continue to make money.

The Hobbit continues to print money at an alarming rate, having made $287 million in the US alone, pushing it very close to $900 million worldwide, meaning it will join the billionaire’s club soon enough.

The Last Stand rounds out the top 10 with $6.3 million, which doesn’t speak well for the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger, especially since the film was made for $30 million.  Maybe it’s the fact that he hasn’t starred in a movie in a really long time, or maybe it’s just after the scandalous last few years he has had, people are just over him.  Only time and other movies will really tell.

Next week sees the wide release of three new movies, so we’ll see next Sunday how those shake things up.


Source : Box Office Mojo

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