Box Office Rundown: Feb 1st-4th, 2013



1. Warm Bodies – $19,505,000 – It’s no longer a surprise when the newest, most advertised movie debuts at number one.  Although many had this film pegged as Twilight-ish, it’s nothing of the sort, something I knew as soon as I heard Jonathan Levine would be directing it.  However, people had to find that out for themselves this weekend when they saw the film and were pleasantly surprised it wasn’t a sappy piece of boring crap with nothing to do with horror.  Positive word of mouth will probably help this one a little.  Although, looking below, negative word of mouth didn’t seem to do a whole lot to deter people…
2. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – $9,210,000 – From this movie.  Most people seemed to hate it, including Jeremy, and while I still want to see it, I won’t be paying money to see it in 3D, because the consensus is (even from those that liked it) that the 3D is crap.  However, it’s at $34 million, so it will probably make the $50 million it needs to break even with the production budget, so I won’t be looking for any sequels, but at least Tommy Wirkola has the option to work in America again if he so chooses to.
3. Silver Linings Playbook – $8,113,000 – This one is still making money, now at $80 overall, riding the wave of money into the Oscars in a few weeks. Who can blame it?
4. Mama – $6,730,000 – With this weekend factored in, Mama has nearly quadrupled its production budget.  Not bad for a film that most people hated.  Again, this is how vast the PG-13 audience is.
5. Zero Dark Thirty – $5,300,000 – Also riding the Oscar-fueled money into awards season, this is getting close to doubling its $40 million production budget, so no one is mad at Kathryn Bigelow, even if she probably won’t any Oscars this time out.
6. Bullet to the Head – $4,500,000 – Three weeks ago The Last Stand opened abysmally, and continues to drop.  It’s at number 27 this week, beat out by the Oscar nominated short films that no one at all gives a shit about.  I’m not sure what it cost to make this movie, but I’m sure it was more than $5 million.  I guess if it’s not in an established franchise, or with 100 other action stars, no one cares about Sylvester Stallone anymore, just like they don’t care about Arnold Schwarzenegger, unless it’s some big crazy action movie.  Even then, seems to be a tough sell these days.
7. Parker – $3,215,000 – See above.  Even though Jason Statham seems to be able to draw a little bit bigger crowds than Stallone or Schwarzenegger, it’s not by much.  I guess he wore everyone out with the Crank and Transporter movies, because this one is going to keep dropping like a stone.
8. Django Unchained – $3,039,000 – Meanwhile, this and Les Miserables below it are coasting into Oscar season on $150 million takes, meaning the producers won’t get too butt-hurt if they don’t take home trophies. Who am I kidding?  Their butts will hurt unless they win every trophy, because Hollywood is all about validation, but at least the people behind these movies will be able to buy things to soothe their egos.
9. Les Miserables – $2,439,000  – See above.
10. Lincoln – $2,412,000 – A true anomaly.  A film that got a lukewarm reaction upon initial release three months ago is still going at the box office, having nearly tripled its budget, and it still has people talking about it, meaning it has heated up quite a bit over the months.  I guess a master filmmaker can do that.  And tons of Oscar talk for your lead doesn’t help, either.

Next week brings us more January crap that will probably appear on this list for a week or two, while they’ll be gone the week after that, like The Last Stand, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Gangster Squad, etc.  Welcome to winter.  Studio execs are looking forward to the bright sunny days of May on weekends like this, although this weekend was surely hit by the Super Bowl harder than previous weekends, and every weekend after this until Spring Break.

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