Box Office Rundown: Aug 31st – Sept 3rd 2012

In what is normally a quiet movie-going weekend, The Possession has taken the weekend with a $17.7 million take.  The Sam Raimi-produced horror film surprised the town by taking more money than the other new film for the weekend, Lawless, which took in $10 million for the weekend.

The Expendables 2 continued rolling with $8.9 million for the weekend, bringing its total to $66.2 million, a respectable take so far, but it looks like it won’t get close to the $103 million total of the first film.  The Bourne Legacy came in 4th for the weekend with $7.3 million, bringing its total to $96 million.

In fifth place, ParaNorman grossed $6.5 million bringing its total to $38 million.  In sixth place, The Odd Life of Timothy Green grossed $6.2 million, bringing its total gross up to $36 million so far.

The Dark Knight Rises held strong at number 7 with $6.1 million, knocking its total up to $431 million, one of the biggest grossing films of the year so far.  The Campaign grossed $5.6 million on the weekend, earning it a total of $73 million up to this point.

At number 9 the surprise hit 2016 Obama’s America made $5.5 million, bringing its total up to $18 million going into the politically charged fall season.  Hope Springs rounded out the top 10 with $4.7 million, bring the total of the latest Tommy Lee Jones movie to $52 million.

It’s surprising that The Possession took the weekend despite piss-poor reviews all around proving that horror still has a strong hold on audiences, even when it’s not very good.  It’s too bad Lawless didn’t do better, despite mixed reviews, as John Hillcoat and Nick Cave need to be able to keep making films together.  Still, it didn’t do terrible, and hopefully the duo will be able to keep going with another film somewhere down the line.

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