Born To Be Wild (2011) Review

I had honestly walked into this movie knowing very little about the premise of it. I knew that it was going to be dealing with elephants and orangutans out in the wild, but I didn’t know anymore than that. I actually don’t even recall seeing trailers for Born to Be Wild. I went to see this movie solely based on my interest in animals. I had seen that it was getting great reviews (I was going off of Rotten Tomatoes percentage), not necessarily individual’s reviews. So I figured, being the animal lover that I am, why not go and see it. Born to Be Wild didn’t disappoint me at all upon seeing it. If there was a bone to pick about the movie it was that I wish it was longer than 40 minutes.

Like I already stated, it’s about elephants and orangutans out in the wild. You follow the workings of two wonderful animal activists who spend every waking moment attending to their animals. The two women you follow throughout this journey are Dr. Birute Galdikas and Daphne Sheldrick. Galdikas is located in the rainforest of Borneo and Sheldrick is located in the rugged Kenyan savannah. They both have the same purpose as each other, just different approaches as well as different animals. Both Galdikas and Sheldrick have teams that they have set up in their respective locations to help rescue and rehabilitate the animals to the point that they can go back into the wild. Galdikas deals with orangutans in the rainforests whereas Sheldrick deals with the elephants out in the savannah. So while you are following each of these ladies, you are also introduced to individual animals as well. You see how the animals are treated and respected throughout their process of rehabilitation and how they grow throughout their journey, all the way up until they are released back in to the wild. Not to mention that Born to Be Wild is narrated by Morgan Freeman.

I wouldn’t call myself an animal activist however I would say that I do care about the animals. This documentary about orphaned animals in the wild being rescued and then being rehabilitated so they can go back into the wild is just touching. This is the type of movie that should be shown in elementary schools to show the effect of what humans are doing to the wild animals. The carelessness that we as humans have to go and cut down the rainforests and not care about the animals that we are leaving homeless and the greed that poachers have to hunt down and kill elephants solely for their ivory tusks is just horrendous. If you are looking for a movie that has the ability to knock you back into reality and show you that these things are wrong, you have found it. As a person who loves animals this movie is actually really touching, yet sad. The fact that we are the reasons that this is happening to the animals is sad, but the fact that there are people out there with such a heart to devote their lives to saving them is amazing.

All in all, Born to Be Wild shows you the kind heartedness of humans and shows you the process by which some humans are dedicated to devoting their lives to rescuing animals. If you are an animal lover of any kind, then this is a movie for you. This movie is a great nature film that should be watched by everyone. Not to mention the fact that the baby animals are adorable. Born to Be Wild is an awesome adaptation of the IMax technology that is out there. I was kind of surprised to see how well it was but everything seemed to work. Regardless, if you don’t see the movie for the IMax technology or the story of each activist, see it for the animals!

Born to Be Wild – 9/10

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