‘Bored To Death’ Movie News and More From Jonathan Ames (Real and Fictional)


Don’t take that title the wrong way, as I’m pretty sure all this news is real.  The catch is, it’s about Jonathan Ames, the real writer, and the fictional character, and the guy who plays the fictional version.  We’ve all heard that a Bored to Death movie is on the horizon somewhere, as Ames has said he’s working on the script, and Ted Danson recently stated he’s involved and the movie is progression in some fashion.  However, there is no money on the table (according to Ames), but the interest to do it is there, and everyone from the show seems on board to do it, which is typically half the battle for these types of deals.

However, in addition to that, Ames has optioned Pictures of Fidelman, a short story anthology about an art student named Arthur Fidelman, who travels through Rome in the late 50’s/early 60’s.  The book was published in 1969, and the character of Fidelman is supposed to be from the Bronx of that era.  So it’s not surprising to learn that Ames will be teaming up with his Bored to Death star Jason Schwartzman to play the titular character, since the two have a good working relationship so far, and the character sounds like a mix between the fictional Ames of Bored to Death and a Larry David-type character from Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Set in Rome, 60 years ago.  If that’s not right up their alley, I don’t know what is.  Apparently, Ames is looking for financing for both Bored to Death: The Movie and Fidelman so there’s hope we’ll see them on the big screen soon.  

In any event, Ames is keeping busy, as he is also developing Donald E. Westlake‘s 361 (a Hard Case Crime release) as a film as well as Wake Up, Sir! based on his own novel, which has a very fictional Jonathan Ames (of the Bored to Death variety) sounding hero at the helm of.  So for Ames fans, there is plenty to look forward to, it’s just a matter of what will hit first, which is most likely which one will find financing first.


Source : The Film Stage

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