Borders Stores Closing

This is another sad day for movie/music/book fans around the world! Borders recently closed a ton of stores around the country in hope to file for bankruptcy, but now the latest news is that it will be closing all of its doors. The company was set to sell to a buyout firm called Najafi Cos, but the deal fell out sometime last week. So now it looks like they will be closing the remaining 400 stores and sell itself to group of liquidators led by Hlico Merchant Resources.

I personally never shopped much at Borders, but it is always sad seeing a company that supports my hobbies go under. I was really bummed when Circuit City closed down a few years back, followed by Ultimate Electronics.

It seems like more and more electronic stores are getting run out of business by mega chains like Best Buy and Wal Mart, which is horrible because Best Buy has some of the most unintelligent people working for them. I’ve never met an employee there that actually knew what they were talking about.

I think most people got sick of paying such high premium prices for products at Borders when Amazon was willing to sell them cheaper, without tax and free shipping. Barnes & Noble better get a clue and start lowering their prices!

(via Chicago Tribune)

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