Book Review: The Who by Marcus Hearn

Marcus Hearn, author of The Hammer Vaulthas steamed up with Titan Books once again to bring us another visual history of an influential pop icon in The Who.  The book follows the band via photographs from their early days in 1964 as The High Numbers, all the way through the death of drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle.

There are numerous photographs of the band, following their influential days in the late 1960’s to the top of their success in early 70’s, drawing a portrait that includes drastic haircut and wardrobe changes over the passage of time.  For hardcore fans, there are plenty of unseen photographs.  They are interesting to see, as many are from the band’s early days, before they knew how they would change the world, all the way up to recent photos of the aging Roger Daltry and Pete Towshend as they play reunion shows as late as 2005.

Accompanying this visual history of the band are small explanations of where the pictures were taken, where the band was at the time, and brief glimpses of the behind the scenes life of the band.  As usual with these type of books from Titan, the photographs are full color when available, painstakingly retouched from original negatives and scans of photographs, taking the time fans expect and deserve.  The Who releases July 31st from Titan Books, you can pre-order it now from Amazon.

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