Book Review: Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

Just in time for the release of PrometheusTitan Books is providing fans of the Aliens franchise the opportunity to thumb through the pages of a manual detailing the life, weapons, tactics, ships, and strategies of the Colonial Marines, as well as some in-character discussions about the possibility of xenomorph life-forms with the ability to attack humans.  Originally released in 1995, the book is being re-released by Titan Books to give fans the chance to look at the Colonial Marines up close, which is especially handy considering the Colonial Marines play a big part in Prometheus, now playing in theaters nationwide.

The book is broken into seven different units:  Unit one details the ‘modern day’ workings of the United States Marine Corps, and how their proud history has protected American interests for hundreds of years.  The second unit details the Colonial Marine Infantry, the characters first made popular in Ridley Scott’s Alien.  The third unit describes Aeorospace Operations, and how they play a large role in the life of Colonial Marines.  The fourth unit details the Heavy Weapons and Armor used by Colonial Marines.  Unit five lists the different types of combat support for Colonial Marines, and what resources they have at their disposal.  Unit six discusses different aspects of Space Transport, and the different vehicles that make it a viable option.  Unit seven is on Aliens, and it is mostly first-hand accounts of events from the movies.

Each unit is surprisingly detailed, delving into everything from how the Colonial Marines feel about their jobs through pull quotes, to how armor is made, and how the futuristic weapons function on a scientific level.  For the hardcore Alien fan that wants to know every small detail about the characters portrayed in the franchise, this is perfect.  People that are merely interested in the movies and not the inner-workings of a fictional military may be nonplussed or even bored with a lot of it.

For those that freeze every frame of the movie and try to extract every ounce of meaning from the Aliens franchise, however, will find thousands of details and interactions to explore and relate to the movies.  The price may be a bit steep for anyone not obsessed with the franchise, but they most likely wouldn’t be interested in this in the first place anyway.  Great for hardcore fans though.

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