Blue Valentine Review

I had a friend ask me what I thought about Blue Valentine after I saw it. He asked me if it was depressing and if it makes me never want to get married. Lets just simply put it as, yes and kind of. I had seen the trailer for this film and read a couple reviews, and that is pretty much what I was expecting from it as a whole.

This film takes you through the story of love being found in a relationship and then the love slowly losing itself. This storyline is nothing new, it’s been done many times before. The boy meets girl, boy loses girl. The only exception with this one is that it only shows you the not so glamorous side of those types of stories. You are informed of the back story by flashbacks. Once those flashbacks start occurring you get the context of how these two people, Dean and Cindy, met and things started off between them. As the flashbacks continue they spell out a love story, that is until you start getting closer to the present day. Upon getting closer to the present day, the more uncomfortable everything starts to become. Dean tries to save his marriage by leaving his daughter with her grandfather for the weekend so Cindy and himself can have the weekend to spend time together. The weekend itself gets off to a rather rough start when Cindy runs into an ex and decides to tell Dean about it. This leads to arguments, like I said, starts out rather rough. The rest of the story unfolds throughout that entire weekend.

Something that was very strong in this film was the acting. Both Ryan Gosling, who played Dean, and Michelle Williams, who played Cindy, did an excellent job in their roles. Gosling made it seem like he was two different people, almost as if he had a form of multi-personality disorder. His two different forms all depended on what flashback you were seeing at that given time. On the other side of acting there was Michelle Williams, her character was very to the point. She still had faith in her husband to change and go back to the way he once was, however Dean is now almost an alcoholic and he is completely content with life as it is. You watch as she struggles with her morals and her feelings towards Dean as he doesn’t really seem to have a clue.

Like I said earlier in this review, at a certain point in Blue Valentine it becomes uncomfortable to watch. Not because its a weird storyline or weird things are happening, but because you find yourself relating to those characters. The way they argue while in the relationship is very realistic. The vocabulary they use while they are fighting or the emotions they express is just unbelievable. It’s so spot on at times, it made me cringe in my seat. Just the fact that they were able to capture the fighting and arguing and the reasoning that you would be doing those things to such a perfection is insane. They showed the stress, the awkwardness, the tension in a relationship that can build up over time. I think they captured every single detail possible that comes with the not so glamorous side of relationships. Simply put, this is an uncomfortable movie to sit through.

In my opinion Blue Valentine doesn’t have anything in the movie itself that screams “Go see me in the theaters!” If you were curious about this film I’d say wait until you are able to rent it to see it. The storyline is another romantic boy meets girl, boy loses girl type. I want to like it for what it is, however I can honestly say that this is a movie that I will probably never watch again. I felt like the pacing of the movie was terrible. I found myself wanting to check the time, probably halfway through the movie. It felt much longer than it really was or needed to be.

Blue Valentine – 7/10

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