Blu-Rays This Week – November 8th-14th

Well, Well, Well. If you are a Potter fan, you have been waiting for this week ever since you walked out of the theaters full of emotion because the Potter series had come to an end. This is it. The very last film in the series is being released on Friday. To be quite honest, Harry Potter is going dominate this weeks sales. That is especially the case because nothing really even comes close to it this week in new Blu-ray releases.

Of course I wasn’t kidding when I said that nothing comes close to the Potter film that is being released however let’s delve into some of the other films that have hit the shelves today. First off we have Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds staring in The Change-Up. This movie didn’t do very well while it was in theaters. It brought in a whopping $37 million on a budget of $52 million. Granted with the international numbers it did indeed exceed its budget, sadly. Honestly, I didn’t see this movie because it looked like absolute horse shit. Obviously, the numbers showed. I was also kind of getting tired of Jason Bateman, seeing as he was in like four different comedy movies throughout the summer. Regardless, if you are actually interested in The Change-Up on Blu-ray it is being released as a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy Combo Pack.

Oh boy, a movie that did even worse than The Change-Up is also being released this week. Atlas Shrugged Part I. I had seen a couple trailers for this when it was in theaters for the short two week stint and it looked like a piece of garbage. First off, I had no idea who the hell was in it. The cast was full of no named actors and actresses. Secondly, what the hell was it even about? Needless to say, I’m not the only one who felt this way towards the movie. It got it’s ass kicked when it jumped into the ring against real movies. On a budget of $20 million it only brought $4.6 million. It stayed a total of 35 days in theaters. The worst part is, last thing I heard about this was that they were still planning to go ahead with Part 2. Well if you honestly still care about Atlas Shrugged Part I it’s being released as a single Blu-ray disc. It’s lucky to even have that.

Well if you are a fan of Mortal Kombat then you should like the short film Mortal Kombat: Legacy. It first started out on Youtube as one episode a week. Each episode was like 14 minutes or so but it honestly got me hooked and looking forward to the next week’s episode. From what I understand, they still have the episodes up on Youtube if you wanted to watch them there. Otherwise if you wanted you could invest and get the Blu-ray copy. It’s being released as a single Blu-ray disc.

The moment you all have been waiting for. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is finally being released onto Blu-ray and DVD on Friday. There are five different packages that you can find this film in. Well of course we all know how well Potter did while it was in theaters. It brought in a very nice chunk of change, $380 million domestically, with a hell of a lot of help in the international market, $947 million. Put those together and it brings its total to over $1 billion. Holy hell Batman. Just think, that is only the income from the last film. There were 8 films all together. Exactly.

Well lets explore the differences between the five different packages that are being released for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The first package is just a single Blu-ray disc. It looks as though there isn’t any special features in this pack, just the movie. If you are interested in special features or also having the DVD and Digital copy you can also get the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy Combo Pack. Honestly, it looks like it only costs a couple bucks more to get the DVD and Digital Copy. Why not spend the extra couple bucks. Obviously if you saw it in theater you knew it was in 3D. Well they are also releasing the 3D package exclusively at Best Buy. That one contains the 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and the Digital Copy. So that is four discs total. Best Buy is doing another exclusive release Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 3D. That exclusive contains the same as Part 2 does. Target didn’t want to feel left out on the exclusive customer base so you’ll find that they have a special deal also. The problem with Target’s exclusive Part 2 is that it is not 3D. They have the same Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy Combo Pack however they have an exclusive alternate slipcover and bonus material. If you have been counting I have listed a total of four different packages that Part 2 is being released in. That leaves one more. The last and final package that contains Part 2 is Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection Blu-ray. That is correct, you can get all 8 films in this set. However be weary. Each of the films are the single Blu-ray disc. I’m sure if you wait a little while longer you’ll be able to get collection sets that will have extras like crazy. Just you wait.

To the right here we have Target’s exclusive slipcover. Well that concludes another week of new releases of Blu-rays. Check back next week to see what all is coming out.

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