Blu-rays This Week – November 28 – December 5

I was hoping that the week after Black Friday was going to be a light week on new releases however I was wrong. There are quite a few different new releases that I personally either picked up or am planning on picking up. This week has movies ranging from so super their funny to a romantic comedy. With Black Friday last week and the new releases this week my bank account officially hates me. Let’s jump right into the new releases coming to home video this week.

My favorite release this week belongs to 30 Minutes or Less, starring Jesse Eisenberg. 30 Minutes or Less has the perfect cast to make it a strong comedy. We watch as director Ruben Fleischer and Jesse Eisenberg are reunited from Zombieland. Unfortunately the box office didn’t treat it very nicely. It had a budget of $28 million and it only brought in $38 million. If you are looking to pick this Blu-ray up you will be looking for a single Blu-ray disc.

30 Minutes or Less was one of the movies that I was most looking forward to this summer because it looked as though it was going to have a hilarious plot, with a solid cast to produce it. I know we have had our share of R-rated comedies for this summer but I was hoping that this one would put the icing on the cake. Let’s just say that 30 Minutes or Less exceeded the expectations that I had for it.” The Daily Rotation – 30 Minutes or Lessreview.

Another film that hit the shelves is The Smurfs. The Smurfs has been a child series hit for what seems like forever. Who actually thought that it would be put into a CGI film. I honestly had no intention on ever seeing this film because I had a feeling that it was going to ruin The Smurfs for me. From what I heard was that if you knew the old cartoon show you didn’t really like this knew one. However if you were a little kid and you knew nothing of the old 80’s show you most likely found yourself falling in love with the little blue guys. While in theaters The Smurfs did pretty good in theaters. It had a budget of $110 million and it hit $142 million domestically. The Smurfs is available in two different packages. The first one is that of the 3D Blu-ray and DVD. Where as the second one is Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy.

The next release is one that most people won’t even know.Another Earth was a Sundance Film Festival winner in 2011. When I first saw the trailer for Another Earth I wanted to see it but since it was only a limited release film I didn’t have the chance to see it in theaters. However I did blind buy this film. Hopefully it turns out. Like I said before, it had a limited release in theaters. The widest release it saw was 94 theaters. While in theaters it had a domestic gross of $1.3 million. Another Earth hit store shelves as a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy Combo Pack.

Last but not least is the lovely Mila Kunis, starring in Friends with Benefits. This year was the year of movies that relates to the topic of fuck buddies. Friends with Benefits had to go up against No Strings Attached which was released early 2011. When it comes to which one is better, it is a hard choice but I have to go with Friends with Benefits. The production budget was $35 million and it brought in $55 million. Unfortunately it’s counter part, No Strings Attached did better in theaters. Even though the numbers weren’t as good I felt like the script was better. The casting was better and the on screen relationships seemed better in Friends with Benefits. If you are looking to pick up Friends with Benefits on Blu-ray you will be able to pick it up in two different packages. You can get it as a single Blu-ray disc or you can get it as a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy Combo Pack.

Regardless if your bank account is hating you after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are definitely some films that still need to be picked up. Maybe in the new future my account will get a break.

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