“Blood Ties” Now Available on VOD!

Today we have news that Afterlight Pictures is announcing the VOD release of the independent feature film Blood Ties on November 1st, 2011.  The debut directorial effort from Kely McClung (American Ninja IV, Stick Fighter) and co-starring Robert Pralgo (Vampire Diaries, The Blind Side), Markus Schuetz (Ong Bak, Mercury Man).
“The story of ex-government operative Jack Davis (Kely McClung), whose world is shattered when his brother (Robert Pralgo) is kidnapped by sinister forces that drag him back into the world he walked away from.  Davis goes on an epic journey across the eastern US that lands him in Thailand and Cambodia, where he pulls out all the stops to rescue his brother and serve revenge on the man responsible.”

Shot on location in the US, Thailand, and Cambodia, the film is a true independent, shot for only $20,000.  The film is already available on Amazon.com, Amazon Instant, and IndieFlix. It will be avaialbe on iTunes and Vudu in October, and of course make its pay-per-view debut on November 1st, 2011 as previously mentioned.

Stay tuned right here for your chance to win a DVD of Blood Ties signed by star Robert Pralgo, and our review of the film, coming very soon!

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