BlinkyTM Review

Ever since first seeing the trailers for Ruairi Robinson’s BlinkyTM, I’ve been intrigued.  At first I thought it was a feature film, only to later find out it’s only a short.  I’ve finally had a chance to see the full thing, and I was moderately impressed.

While it is not supremely groundbreaking in any way, the 12 minutes of BlinkyTM are enjoyable, even though the concept may not be new at all.  In a time not far from our own, families buy a Blinky, every kid’s favorite robot.  When angry young kid Alex (Max Records) convinces his mom to get him one, he quickly becomes agitated by its constant helpfulness in every capacticy, except where Alex needs help most:  his fighting parents.

On the verge of divorce, Alex finally lashes out against Blinky, attempting to destroy him nonsense to destroy its logic and therefore, will to live.  When he finally snaps, Alex instructs Blinky to kill him and his parents, but the robot shorts out before anything can happen.  Until Alex resets Blinky….

Well shot, the film mainly succeeds in hiding Blinky’s cheap CGI (which is no fault of the artists, I’m sure it was a very small budget), but by using different textures throughout the film, Robinson easily blends Blinky into his surroundings.  Max Records is great as the snotty little kid with no one to answer to, and while the ending is somewhat predictable, it’s still a satisfying close to the short.

In conclusion, Ruairi Robinson has proven he can make a short film, that looks visually appealing and tells a story, presumably because he has aspirations to direct feature films.  While BlinkyTM is more a novelty than a story of substance, it’s a great showpiece, and I look forward to the films Robinson will make with this film as his calling card.


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