Blatant Violence High – A Movie You Want to See!

“And why the hell is that?” you might ask yourself. Today, it’s being announced that Hobo With a Shotgun director Jason Eisner’s next film will be the sure-to-be aptly titled Brutal Violence High.

Very few details are known about the project, but above you can see pictures from camera tests and pre-shooting for the film.  Eisner says he is taking his inspiration for this film specifically from the videogame Vigilante (maybe the movie a little too?) mixed in with a little Class of Nukem High just to keep things interesting.

Seeing how Hobo With a Shotgun is the best movie that Troma never made, I’m curious to see how this will turn out, and I have complete faith that Eisner will make something really fun and entertaining, with some smarts behind the script.

Shooting and/or release dates are not yet available, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear something, for this is one that everyone will be chomping at the bit for.

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