Bizarre First Trailer And Images For ‘The Details’

It’s been 8 years since writer/director Jacob Aaron Estes’ powerful and criminally underrated drama Mean Creek made it’s way to theaters. The film, centering on a young bullied teen getting help by his older brother and his friends to seek vengeance on the bully, proved that Estes has a bright future in cinema. Between then and now, he has written and directed a dark comedy/drama that has an impressive cast and promises to showcase more of what he has to offer as a rising talent. The film, titled The Details, has been completed for a little over two years now and premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. After it’s premiere in Utah, The Weinstein Company bought the film for an impressive 7.5 million dollars. Instead of finding its way to the silver screens within that year, it was unfortunately delayed with no real specific reasoning.

Up until a couple days ago, The Details hasn’t been on a lot of people’s radar due to the fact that no footage has made it’s way online since it’s festival premiere. This is sure to change. Recently, Jacob Aaron Estes himself cut an unofficial trailer to help promote the film’s upcoming November release.

The film focuses on an unfaithful doctor (Tobey Maguire) whose mentality starts to spiral out of control when raccoons that tear up his backyard interrupt his and his wife’s (Elizabeth Banks) ideal suburban life. His loss of self-control, increasingly bad decision-making, and pestering raccoons begins a chain reaction of events that includes infidelity and murder. The film has a great supporting cast that includes Laura Linney, Ray Liotta, Kerry Washington, Dennis Haysbert, and Sam Trammell.

I sincerely hope the film is as bizarre as the trailer makes it appear to be. Tobey Maguire has been dealing with a bit of bad luck in his professional career due to being cut from Ang Lee’s Life of Pi and the unexpected delay of The Great Gatsby. It appears that he is taking on a role that is different from anything else that he has ever done. It looks like Jacob Aaron Estes has another winner on his hands. Check out the first trailer for The Details and first official images from the film below (courtesy of The Film Stage).

 The Details finally makes its way to limited theaters on November 2nd, 2012.

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