A Better Look At Spider-Man From ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

The internet is sort of going crazy today ever since Marvel released their latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which features our very first look at the newly rebooted Spider-Man character, which will be a combo effort between Sony and Marvel.

This is big news, because finally Spider-Man can and will be seen in other Marvel character movies, which has been a dream that most have been begging for.

This also means that Marc Webb‘s rebooted series is dead and that we’ll never see The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or the highly teased Sinister Six.

Tom Holland takes over for Andrew Garfield and with him comes a brand new costume, which looks absolutely awful.

I can’t stress enough how cheaply made and badly designed this costume looks, but many are digging it because the eyes can move (big deal?) and because it references a different era of the Spider-Man comics.

I for one think that Sam Raimi‘s original trilogy had the costume down pretty well, with Marc Webb‘s first Spider-Man giving us something a little more texturized, which finally came into full form with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.



Say what you want about the film itself (which I happened to love), but you can’t deny how perfect the costume was and how we finally had the best-looking on-screen Spider-Man outfit yet in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And now Marvel and Sony are throwing that away and starting “fresh” with a design that’s boring and plain and lacking any sort of kick.

I’ve been against this Spider-Man reboot ever since Marvel announced it and now this latest costume isn’t changing my mind at all.

Am I a little too hostile or am I right on the money?

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