Ben Affleck’s ‘Live By Night’ Gets A Beautiful-Looking First Trailer

Say what you want about Ben Affleck as an actor, but don’t you dare forget to acknowledge the man’s ability behind the lens, as a producer/writer/director.

Argo wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but The Town and Gone Baby Gone are two phenomenal films that have me locked in as a lifetime Affleck filmmaker fan.

His latest film Live by Night looks to be continuing that trend, with a trailer that looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the period that the film is set in and I love how Affleck has chose to capture the mobster days with his own unique style and flare.

The January release date has me worried, but that won’t lower my excitement for another Affleck film. Although, I will say that Affleck’s directorial efforts tend to be better without him starring in them.

Still, Live by Night looks like a familiar Affleck story, done up with a little more homage to the old-timey gangster days and I’m totally on board.



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