Ben Affleck Officially Directing Next ‘Batman’ Film

It looks like all of the talk and rumors surrounding Ben Affleck directing the next upcoming Batman film are true!

Affleck will be directing The Batman (title pending) for WB and it’ll be after he finishes up directing Live By Night. He is co-writing the script with DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns.

Word is that it’ll be after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and even Justice League, which means that the film probably won’t be coming out until sometime in 2018 or even 2019, since Justice League is slated for late 2017.

This gives us plenty of time between Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy and Affleck’s run with the character and this also cements Affleck as a staple WB filmmaker, much like Clint Eastwood.

I’m excited to see Affleck take such a serious and important approach to the character, hopefully meaning that his directing duties aren’t coming from just contract obligations, but an actual interest and care for the character.

Plus, this will probably mean that the man now has the keys to the kingdom to make whatever films he wants in between Bat films. Such power!


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