Beautiful Boy Trailer

A few nights ago I was sitting down and getting ready to watch a Blu-ray. I popped in the disc and like usual the trailers started to load. Now, usually this is a time I use to get situated on the couch or to make a quick restroom break, but a trailer came on for a film that I have never heard of, which is quite odd considering the talent involved. The film was called Beautiful Boy and it’s about a mother and father who get a call from their son’s school saying that there has been a shooting. Immediately they begin to worry, wondering if there son is okay, but they get some very shocking news. Not only is their son not okay, but he was the one who caused it all. That’s right, there son was the shooter.

This struck me as one very interesting idea for a movie. Usually the shooter is portrayed as a horrible person from a really bad background, but this film clearly shows that the boy had normal parents like you and I. Sometimes good people do bad things for unknown reasons. That’s not to say that the boy was a good kid all around. I have not seen the film so I can’t comment on how the boy is in the film, but if he ends up being portrayed as a bad individual then you can still say that sometimes bad people come from good families.

All that can be said is that I am very interested in this film and I was shocked when it said that it’s coming to DVD and Blu-ray soon. It looked like it had potential for a limited release and luckily after checking the films Facebook page I found out that it has been released theatrically, although I am not sure where.

Beautiful Boy is directed by Shawn Ku and it stars Michael Sheen, Mario Bello and Kyle Gallner. It was released on June 3rd, 2011. Check out the trailer below:

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