‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Pushed Back To May 2016

batman vs. superman

The summer of 2015 just got a little less crowded. Variety has reported that Warner Bros. has decided to push back Batman vs. Superman, or whatever the official title will be, from July 17th, 2015 to May 6th, 2016.

Although details on the reasoning behind the delay are scarce, Warner Bros. stated that the decision was made to “help fully realize the vision.” Perhaps this means that Zack Snyder and co. are having a difficult time figuring out what they’ve gotten themselves into. Hopefully they can “realize their vision” and release a good film, preferably one that’s better than Man of Steel.

The delay may have a negative affect on Ben Affleck’s schedule as the actor was set to work on Batman vs. Superman before he steps behind the camera to direct the film adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel Live By Night.

Now that production for Batman vs. Superman has been delayed, this could mean that we might have to wait even longer to see Affleck’s next directorial effort, which is already set to hit theaters on Christmas Day of next year. Maybe Warner Bros. will allow Affleck to work on the film before production begins on Batman vs. Superman, but it’s probably unlikely.

Interestingly, there were rumors as of yesterday that Affleck sustained a leg injury but the press statement from Warner Bros. doesn’t mention an injury. If that happens to be true, then maybe the injury is another factor on why the sequel was delayed.

Taking Batman vs. Superman’s original 2015 release date is Joe Wright’s Pan. On Batman vs. Superman’s new release date, the sequel will square off against an untitled-Marvel project (Uh oh). Make sure to check back for more updates as they come our way.

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