Batman To Get The Reboot In Justice League Movie

Right now Batman is the talk of the town over at Warner Bros. Everyone is curious to know which direction the studio will be going in with their most prized comic-book possession. Christopher Nolan claimed that he was done with the character, yet his third and final installment in the series (The Dark Knight Rises) left things pretty damn open for continuation.

A Justice League movie has been getting lots of traction, with talks of Ben Affleck possibly directing getting replaced by thoughts of The Wachowskis directing. We honestly have no idea who is going to be directing the Justice League movie at this point, but we do have a list of eyed filmmakers that WB are analyzing, which we’ll post in a little bit.

The new discussion is the Batman reboot that was supposedly supposed to happen after the Justice League film. It looks like they now plan on rebooting the character in the Justice League film, with a spinoff solo film happening right after, depending on how the audience reacts to the new character.

Or they could always have a new Batman in the Justice League film and then another Batman in his own series. That would be kind of dangerous, wouldn’t it?

(via Batman on Film)

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