More ‘Batman’ Games Are Coming

When it comes to video games, the Dark Knight has been one of the most popular superhero titles for the past 20 years. From the early arcade game to online slot games such as Batman and the Joker Jewels slots , Batman games have always been challenging and entertaining.

Batman fans have started getting excited as two new games are set to be released in 2017.


Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that they are taking over the Rocksteady franchise and continuing the Arkham series. The game is expected to be released for PlayStation 4 and XBOX sometime in the early summer.

While much hasn’t been revealed about the new game, Warner Bros has rebundled the first two games in the series: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Players can start at the beginning of the trilogy and make their way through remastered levels, with improved AI, better graphics and an improved sound card.

Arkham Asylum was originally released by Rocksteady in 2009 and features some classic Gotham villains such as The Joker, Harley Quinn and others who are running the asylum.

From there you can jump over to Arkham City, where players have to navigate their way through the max security facility and defeat Two-Face, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze and other criminal masterminds.

Once you’ve survived the Asylum and the City, it’s time to prepare for Arkham War.

Untitled Damian Wayne Batman Game

But what will happen to Gotham, and games, when Bruce Wayne is old and gray?

According to Kotaku Warner Bros. Montreal is working on a new Batman game, set to be released in 2017, that features the senior Wayne mentoring his son Damian. While the details of the game have been scarce, we do have some information that we can pass along.

Players will have the ability to choose from a variety of characters and they can grow in strength as they take on different challenges and get rewarded for their hard work.  While the game will introduce new characters, there will also be some known villains such as Poison Ivy, Black Mask and Flamingo.


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