The Bad, The Good And The Excellent: Reviews Of New TV Series’ That Have Just Premiered

We are currently in the middle of the 2016 fall premiere cycle, with some of our favorite shows, such as Criminal Minds, Modern Family, and Empire, returning to our television screens. But there are also some new shows debuting their very first season. They vary in entertainment quality and viewing pleasure; today we’ll review the bad, the good and the excellent of new TV shows.

The Bad: The Good Place

When I first saw the trailer for The Good Place, I have to admit that I was excited. The show stars Kristen Bell, best known for her long-time role as Veronica Mars and more recently, as the voice of Frozen’s Elsa. The premise of The Good Place is that in a case of mistaken identity, an undeserving woman gets sent to ‘The Good Place’ after she dies, and hilarity ensues. However, while funny at times, the actual show falls flat in reality. I found the pilot failed to keep me entertained, so much so that I found myself playing some online casino games instead of focusing on the show! This is something I usually reserve for commercial breaks as a means of passing the time. Try the best canadian casinos available online if you find yourself wanting the advertisements to go by quicker. Most online casinos offer a mobile app on which to play; this means that you can have fun without even leaving the couch. Make sure to choose a casino that offers you a good selection of games, as well as a new player welcome bonus.

The Good: Better Things

Better Things is written by Louis CK and Pamela Adlon, who is also the show’s lead. If you enjoy Louie, then chances are that Better Things will also be a hit in your books. It has the same raw, realism that Louie has; all while telling a really authentic story of a single mom with three daughters. The show does well in balancing its realism with comedy; guaranteeing you some good, hearty laughs.

The Excellent: Luke Cage

A Netflix original series, Luke Cage has got to take the prize for the best new series premiering this fall. It acts as a sequel to the popular Netflix series, Jessica Jones –set in the same Marvel universe, but focusing on the title character of this show. The storyline is captivating and engaging, and you’ll be glad that this is a Netflix series so you do not have to wait for a new episode each week, and are free to binge watch the entire season in one weekend! Although you may want to pace yourself so that it’s not all over quickly! The characters are multidimensional and intriguing, this combined with the great cinematography and a beautiful musical score makes Luke Cage an all-round winner of a television show. It can be quite violent at times, so this is something to bear in mind if you’re a little bit squeamish when it comes to graphic violence.



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