Attack the Block Review

Writer/director Joe Cornish makes his film debut with Attack the Block, a very impressive alien invasion movie that takes place in South London. Everything manages to fit in perfectly. There are tons of action sequences, lots of jokes, great music and some good special effects. Nothing about the film feels forced or out of place and that is what really made this one shine. At the time of writing this, the film doesn’t have an actual release date and I hope that changes very soon because this one needs to be seen by all. It’s a great movie and probably my favorite summer movie so far.

Attack the Block has a very simple plot, which is why the film works so well. An alien invasion is happening in South London and some kids from the block decide to defend their territory. This isn’t your normal batch of kids, most of these kids are trouble makers and usually up to no good, which makes for an interesting battle with these alien creatures. Joining the mix is a lady that was simply trying to go home when the kids decided to mug her. She ends up sticking with them after the aliens invade and it all unfolds from there.

The film is filled with great camera work, especially when they are attacking or getting chased by the aliens. It felt really smooth and natural. The filmmakers don’t cop out and go with the normal shaky cam angles for horror movies and they never spend too much time keeping things still. There always on the move and always building up the tension.

The music and the special effects are two more great things that this film has going for it. The music has an old school “space” vibe, but it still manages to creep you out a little bit when the horror elements kick in. When the aliens first start popping up, the horror slowly sets in and the music helps ease it in. I liked how they managed to keep the aliens more scary and mysterious at the beginning of the film and then slowly easing the film into an action/sci-fi styled movie with scenes of straight up action.

The movie is always changing things up and keeping things fresh which is why it’s so enjoyable. The tension builds with the horror then it jumps to an action/sci-fi film with tons of fights and blood and guts, all with comedy sprinkled in to keep everyone laughing. It’s not easy to keep your film changing like that and still keeping it fun without going too far into one genre, but director Joe Cornish manages to find that perfect balance and I applaud him.

The acting is great. For the most part, the film consists of a bunch of no name actors for London and that really helps in making the film feel genuine. John Boyega plays Moses, the tough and fearless leader of the group that really peaks out as a character in this film. He feels really real and relatable in some ways. Everyone else plays their part very well and I can’t forget to mention the small but effective role of Ron, played by Nick Frost. Ron is a minor character, but a fun one. There’s something about Nick Frost and the way he carries himself on screen that always manages to get a few smiles and laughs from the crowd and this film is no exception.

Attack the Block is one of those rare movies that literally have no problems. Everything is spot on and because this is a smaller film you can really tell how much heart and soul everyone put into it. It’s one effective film and the only problem I see people having with it is the British accents. Awhile back, someone was complaining about how they should put U.S. subtitles on the film. I didn’t have any problems seeing this on the big screen, but it could be hard to understand if you are at home watching it with people in the background. But really, that is one minor complaint I’ve heard for an otherwise perfect film.

Overall, Attack the Block NEEDS to be seen by everyone. This is the type of film that people really need to support. It’s got everything you want in a film and it really is one fun time at the theater. I was impressed with the special effects and I loved the action. The acting is top notch and the story really does entertain you. If you’ve seen the movie and want to help spread the word then “like” it on FaceBook by clicking here or follow the Twitter feed by clicking here. The film is counting on we the people to help get it out there. If enough people show interest for the film then they will release it. So please check out the FB and Twitter page and tell all your friends about it! Word is that they will be having giveaways and more screenings!

Attack the Block – 9/10

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