Attack The Block Director Joe Cornish Attached To A Studio Project

Director Joe Cornish made his very impressive directing debut with last year’s Attack the Block and since then everyone has been wondering what’s next for indie director. He has a writing credit under his belt for Steven Spielberg‘s The Adventures of Tintin, but aside from that and Block he’s mostly an unknown at this point.

CHUD is reporting that Cornish has attached himself to a studio film by Fox called Rust, which is based on the graphic novel of the same name.

This is great news! Cornish is high-quality talent that deserves to be put in front of the masses. Attack the Block did very well among critics, but struggled making any big cash, which is something the studios tend to care about more.

Here’s a synopsis of the book:

Rust is a high-octane adventure set in the prairie lands of an unknown time. Life on the Taylor family farm was difficult enough before Jet Jones crashes into the barn, chased by a giant decommissioned war robot! Oldest son Roman Taylor struggles to keep his family’s small farm afloat as the area heals from a devastating world war. While the rest of his family may not trust the mysterious boy with the jetpack, Roman believes the secrets of Jet’s past may be the key to their survival.


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