ATM Trailer Starring Josh Peck And Alice Eve

I’m a fan of films starring characters trapped in small spaces. I liked Buried despite the entire film taking place in a coffin. I thought Ryan Reynolds did a good job keeping the film interesting and director Rodrigo Cortés kept the camera always moving, looking for new angles and shots. It wasn’t my favorite film, but it was impressive considering the circumstances.

ATM on the other hand looks kind of silly. It stars Josh Peck, Alice Eve and Bryan Geraghty and is directed by David Brooks. The films focus is three people who innocently stop at an ATM machine to withdraw some cash, only to be cornered in and tortured by a mysterious man. The initial thought running through my head is actually brought up towards the end of the trailer and that’s the fact that there is three of them and one of him. The concept sounds kind of interesting, but the setting of an abandoned parking lot seems to open up more than enough space for them to run away from the killer within the opening minutes.

The trailer is kind of laughable, but chances are I’ll see it because of Josh Peck; the man just can’t get enough roles these days.

ATM is due out sometime this year.

Check out the trailer below, via IMDb.

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