Asa Butterfield Travels From Mars To Earth For Love In First Trailer For ‘The Space Between Us’

Ridley Scott‘s The Martian was one of the highlights of 2015. It managed to be both funny and serious, staying grounded in an optimistic world that felt very uplifting and engaging.

Now, 2016 brings us The Space Between Us, which follows Asa Butterfield as the first person born on Mars. He’s born in isolation and kept secret from Earth, which makes his falling in love with an Earthling that much more romantic.

The film follows his story of love as he travels “across the universe” (seriously, Mars isn’t THAT far away) in order to help fill his heart.

The film looks like a big ol’ pile of cheese, but I’ll watch it because cheese is a very important part of my diet.

What about you?


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