Arthur (2011) Review

Russell Brand has done it again. He managed to turn a movie that looked kind of blah into a movie that was relatively good. That movie being Arthur. When I had seen the first trailer I wasn’t impressed at all however I had a little bit of hope when I got a glimpse of the second trailer. Upon seeing the second trailer I thought that it could be a decent film but honestly still thought that it could go either way. I know, Russell Brand technically had nothing to do with the script (to my knowledge) but when it comes to the character he played, who else is better at playing a stupid childish – yet adult- drunk idiot?

Arthur is about a man named Arthur (go figure), played by Russell Brand, who is a wealthy individual all because of his mother. He is pretty much a child at heart and has no responsibilities in the real world. Oh, his mom Vivienne, played by Geraldine James, doesn’t think much of him therefore she has a full-time nanny named Hobson, who is always with him. Vivienne’s frustration level gets to the boiling point with her son Arthur so she decides she is going to arrange a marriage in hopes it will force him to settle down. Another wealthy family, the Johnsons, have a daughter named Susan that they set him up with. There are two twists to this marriage however. First off he doesn’t like her and he eventually finds someone else that he is more interested in and secondly if he doesn’t marry Susan he stands to lose all of the money mommy gives him. Will true love win or does the greed of money demand all of Arthur’s attention?

Like I stated earlier Russell Brand heads this one as the main character Arthur. His character in this film pretty much reminds me of his exact same character in Get Him to the Greek. In both he is playing a wealthy playboy who can essentially get anything he wants. I think that this type of character works really well for him. He does an excellent job at being the rich snob who eventually figures out that he is a snob. Along side Russell is a fantastic supporting cast. Geraldine James plays his distant mother, Vivienne, while Helen Mirren plays his oh so loving nanny, Hobson. I personally really like Helen Mirren‘s acting in this film. Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention the other two ladies that are in Arthur’s life. Susan, played by Jennifer Garner, is the women who is trying to get Arthur to marry her. Last but not least you have the girl that Arthur is more interested in, Naomi, who is played by Greta Gerwig.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Russell Brand he was honestly what entertained me the most throughout the entire film. He has his own little style of comedy, which most of the time is the “it’s so dumb it’s funny”. When it came to Arthur I was actually shocked at how much better it was than I originally thought it was going to be. I knew that it was going to be a comedy but not necessarily such a strong romantic comedy. I felt that Brand and Gerwig connected very well together and they played off each other very well. One thing that I didn’t necessarily like was the fact that Brand’s character seemed to be the exact same as Get Him to the Greek. Don’t get me wrong, I previously stated he is good at that type of character and such, which is true. However I had just recently watched Get Him to the Greek so it was a tad bit old for me.

When it comes to wanting to see a movie this weekend I would say if you want to see this movie you should go into this movie with semi low expectations like I did. You will find yourself walking out of the theater afterwards liking it. It was average when it comes to funny movies but it still had it’s things about it that I liked. However this weekend is packed with movies also. This might be your best option if you are looking for a PG-13, non-action flick. If you like Russell Brand, then you’ll most likely like it, you be the judge.

Arthur – 7.5/10

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