Arrested Development’s Season 4 To Be Released All At Once

If you haven’t heard the news, Arrested Development will be making its return to the world with a brand new season. This will happen sometime next year and it will be exclusive to Netflix. The news today stated from Mike Hurwitz is that all of season 4 will be dumped on to Netflix at the same time.

So the moment it’s uploaded, you have all access to every new episode right away instead of having to wait weekly for your AD fix. This sounds fantastic to me. I know I will probably watch them all through in at least one or two sittings just to get it over with. And of course revisit the ones I enjoy (hopefully that will be a lot of them).

“There’s going to be some mystery sprinkled throughout this [but] instead of watching one a week and try to get ahead of it, the hope is [fans] will watch them all together and then go back and look for clues and connections,” Hurwitz explained. “We’d also like to use the technology to provide additional material, where you might be able to access another part of the story.”

Do you guys think this is a good idea, for those who have been waiting for the new season, to have it all in front of your face buffet style? Or would they benefit from doing a week-by-week release?


[via B.A.D.]

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