‘Aquaman’ Shuffled To Christmas Of 2018

In recent WB/DC news, WB has announced that the Jason Momoa-starring and James Wan-directed underwater adventure film Aquaman will now bow into theaters in December of 2018.

That’s pushed back a couple months from its original October 2018 release, which isn’t much of an announcement as it is an observation.

See, James Cameron‘s Avatar 2 was supposed to take up that slot, but he recently announced that it has been pushed back (again), which leaves a prime spot open for something big to come in and take the theaters by storm.

Disney has been claiming that month for their Star Wars properties as of late, but word is they want to shuffle back into the May/Summer timeframe, which makes more sense, because summer films generally make more money than winter films. Or at least have an easier shot at such.

Hopefully the December release for Aquaman isn’t a complete lack of faith, because DC should try to be somewhat competitive when it comes to marketing their films, but they also don’t have much confidence these days.

Source : Variety


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