Apple Watch Slow Rollout Due To Faulty Engine

We had previously announced Apple’s slow roll out over the Apple Watch however we didn’t necessarily have good reasons for it. Well now according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s roll out of the Apple Watch has been crippled due to a faulty Taptic Engine. This engine is a key component as it is the part of the watch that vibrates to alert the wearer to incoming messages and such.

The report said that some of the motors have been failing in reliability tests forcing Apple to suspend operations with one of their suppliers. Luckily Apple has two suppliers for this little, but very important, piece of hardware. It just means that those who ordered the Apple Watch or are looking to will have to wait longer to get their hands on it.

The WSJ has since added a sentence to their original report has more than likely been added in response to comments made by Apple, suggests that none of the faulty units made it as far as shipping.

Apple doesn’t plan a recall, because there is no intention that Apple shipped any watches with the defective part to customers.

Of course some reviewers are stating that they have run into this issue with the faulty taptic engine. Just keep in mind that these watches were received well before they were available to the consumer. Apple would have been aware of the issue and started fixing them.

This gives us a little bit of a glimpse into why Apple has struggled keeping up with the demand for their new Apple Watch. I still wish they would have just come out and stated why there is such a lack of watches instead of just keeping quiet about the whole thing. Let us know what you think of the Apple Watch below. Will this hiccup scare you away from the watch or will it be the long wait?

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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