Apple USB-C To Eliminate All Other Connectors

Last month we announced that Apple retired the MacSafe power adapter with the release of Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook they introduced the USB-C connector. On 01 May 2015, Apple published a patent for a unified connector for multiple interfaces, which could possible, are in regards to the USB-C. The patent was initially filed back in October 2014. It describes how a do-it-all connector that fits the USB-C’s description is going to make essentially eliminate all other connectors.

The Apple states the patent would cover “”circuits, methods, and apparatus that may reduce the number of connector receptacles that are needed on an electronic device.”

The unified connector is just like the Apple’s USB-C connector on the MacBook in regards to it being capable of transferring data and power. Not only is it capable of doing those, it is backwards compatible.

All of this would allow for the port to send and receive signals via USB, USB2, USB3, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and Thunderport. On top of it being able to send and receive all those signals, Apple has hinted that it could possibly replace Lightning.

There have been rumors that the iPad Pro, that is expected to be released later this fall, could have both the lightning and the USB-C connectors on it. This would open the floodgates as to what a tablet would possibly do.

Apple states in the filed patent that “It would be desirable to reduce the number of connector receptacles that are needed on an electronic device. Also, that since so much data is transfer between devices, it would also be desirable that the remaining connector receptacles be capable of high-speed data transmission”6a0120a5580826970c01b8d10ca44f970c

Of course Apple is partly to blame when it comes to the consumers needing so many different connectors to the iPhone, iPad and iPods. At least Apple is now trying to rectify the problem. No surprise, by implementing the USB-C connector, it will continue to cause confusion about connectors but hopefully it will die off when the USB-C is fully implemented. Until then, get ready to buy new cables and adapters for it.

I personally don’t necessarily think that this will be implemented right away. It took Apple nine years to finally ditch it’s 30-pin connectors and the Lightning has only been around for two. Give it some time and maybe, just maybe Apple will push this upon everyone. Apple seems to have the ability to do that type of thing. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Would you like to see all computers go to one universal connector instead of having their own?

Source: Patently Apple


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