Apple TV Remote Gets Touch Pad

Apple is set to release their newly redesigned Apple TV this summer. Apple has always been one for simplicity even when it comes to a remote. Their last remote was very generic and thin however The New York Times was able to speak to an employee that was briefed on the product.

According to the employee, who spoke on conditions of anonymity stated that the remote would be gaining a touch pad. The remote would change from having three buttons to having two physical buttons and the pad would be used for scrolling. Even though the previous remote was thin, this one will be a little thicker.

By adding a touch pad to the remote, Apple is essentially bringing the remote in line with their other products such as their – wireless mouse and Apple’s Magic Trackpad. This will be the first redesign for the remote since Apple launched their TV back in 2007.

We expect full details of the new Apple TV to be announced at WWDC in June 2015. Along with the Apple TV, we expect to see a redesign of the Beats Music service, iOS 9 and OS X 10.11.

I’m curious as to how Apple will implement this touchpad on their new Apple TV remote. Let us know what you think about the possible change in the comments below.

Source: New York Times


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