Apple Launches Apple Watch Band Guidelines

Apple released a guideline to their webpage on Monday detailing Apple Watch band design guidelines for third-party manufacturers. Apple is calling the new program “Made for Apple Watch”. The document has a revision date of 24 April, which happens to be the same day Apple released the Watch.

Apple states on their webpage that simple release bands and lugs that secure the band to the Watch will soon be available through this program. Of course Apple has a very strict design regulation that the third-party manufacturers must follow. All of the band accessories must meet environmental regulations and have a high level of durability. The bands themselves must not hinder the Watch’s functionality, specifically access to the heart rate sensor and the transmission of Apple Pay communication.

As for third-party chargers, there have been talks about magnetic chargers that would plug into a USB. Apple specifically states that bands must not integrate magnetic chargers.

If you care to read more of the specifics on what can and can not be used as a third-party manufacturer check it out below. Let us know what kind of bands and accessories you’d like to see for the Apple Watch in the comments below.

Source: Apple Developer, Band Design Guidelines for Apple Watch


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