App of the Week: Yahoo! Weather


The big local news of the week for me is the beautiful weather the Midwest is currently experiencing. We are transitioning from winter to spring, outside is returning to life, the sun is shining longer, and the snow is melting. So it is only fitting that I choose an app of the week that is just as beautiful as spring. The app of the week this week is Yahoo! Weather and in my opinion it presents your weather better than ANY other weather app out there. Better yet, if the weather outside isn’t so great, this app still shows you information in a stunning way.

I am an Apple and Google fan, so for years Yahoo! has been completely irrelevant to me. In 2014, Yahoo! went through a major rebranding to become more of an apps and services company. They have done a really good job on all of their apps and they have done a such a good job that I don’t use the standard Apple weather app on my iPhone or iPad (which I also think is quite good).

Yahoo! Weather does everything you would expect a weather app to do, but the presentation of the information is better than the rest. During times of good, sunny weather, the app displays local and curated photos from Flickr. As the time and weather changes, so do the photos. It is not uncommon to see shots of downtown Minneapolis when the weather is warm and clear at night. In times of stormy weather, the app will display animations created by Yahoo! and these are equally as beautiful as the still photos pulled in. Lastly, Yahoo! Weather is extremely stable. The app doesn’t stutter, slow, or attempt to display too much information at one time.

Yahoo! Weather is my favorite weather app and is available on iOS and Android.


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