App of the Week: Spotify

Spotify LogoThe MP3 player (or iPod as most know it) is dead and has been replaced by Smartphones, but our desire to listen to music couldn’t be stronger. The problem that the MP3 player solved was the problem of storing every song you own in a small device that you can carry with you. Eventually the storage capability of those MP3 players surpassed the storage size of the user’s library, solving the initial problem. But a new problem arose. That problem is: of the content I own, what is actually good? Therein lies the problem that currently faces most users in my opinion. There are multiple ways to solve that problem and this App of the Week will give you one really good method to solve it. The app of this week is Spotify.

In my opinion there are two ways to find good music, your friends (or curators or software) can tell you what to check out or you can go out and find the music yourself. Spotify does both of those very well. Spotify is a service that provides you with massive amounts of access to nearly endless amounts of music. It is very likely that your favorite artist has their content available to stream. Furthermore, you are encouraged to view playlists created by other users and share your playlists with your friends. You can use Spotify without paying anything also but you would then be limited on what you can do with mobile and you are subjected to advertisements. Some may choose to pay, some may not, there are pros and cons of each, but at least you have the choice unlike a few other streaming services.

I make this recommendation now because this is the service I currently use, however I am very excited to see how Spotify and competing services evolve over time. Furthermore, while I can find new music relatively easily on Spotify, I still desire more. Spotify is currently great for going out and finding music on your own, but with the next evolution I hope that my app/service of choice can make smarter recommendations for new music to try. What Beats Music does with their “The Sentence” feature is super unique and a great way to find music, but their catalog is lacking compared to Spotify. All in all, music streaming services are evolving quickly and I am excited to see where we go and currently, Spotify has the lead, so we recommend to try them out!


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