App of the Week: Netflix

NetflixLet’s be honest, this is an incredibly easy recommendation to make. But to start off this new segment, I couldn’t think of a better app/service to recommend to The Daily Rotation viewers. Netflix has gone from start-up to one of the most powerful companies in the world. Netflix originally delivered a select few DVD’s to your door step, now they are delivering a massive catalog of movies, tv shows, documentaries and more to any screen you prefer to view it on. Few other companies have made viewing media nearly as easy and while the price isn’t free, I would argue the cost-benefit is greatly in the consumers favor.

Furthermore, Netflix is our first App of the Week because very soon we will have at least one new weekly segment debuting. This new weekly segment will be best consumed if you are a Netflix user. On Friday we will debut that new segment.

And so with all of these accolades and many more I have not mentioned, Netflix is The Daily Rotation’s first App of the Week.

Visit their site: Netflix


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