Apes Continue To Lead (Friday Box Office)

It looks like none of the three new releases could top Rise of the Planet of the Apes in its second Friday. Apes continued to lead on Friday bringing in an estimated $8.1 million. This is very impressive if you ask me, especially for a movie that has already been out a week and for a movie that is getting put up against a sequel to a successful series (Final Destination 5) and two other films that have been doing well with critics (The Help, 30 Minutes or Less).

The Help came in second place on Friday, with an estimated $7.6 million. This is kind of surprise, seeing as how it opened on Wednesday, so I figured most of the attracted crowd would catch it then or even on Thursday, but I guess that strong buzz is really helping it out.

Final Destination 5 drew in an estimated $7.3 million, which is the first decline of the series. Too bad if you ask me, this one looks good and has been getting some solid reviews. Leave it to the crowd to not react to a GOOD Final Destination film.

30 Minutes or Less is tracking in at #4 with a small $4.85 million, which puts it closer to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Observe and Report than say the directors last film Zombieland or even the August money-maker from a few years ago, Pineapple Express. I blame the stuffy weekend and so-so marketing on this one. It’s a really funny flick and I am kind of shocked to see it opening with such small numbers.

Glee The 3D Concert Movie made $2.7 million. Humanity lost.

Check back on Monday for the full weekend box office!

(numbers from Box Office Mojo)

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