Anthony’s Weekly Blu-rays: July 19-25

This week with Anthony’s Weekly Blu-rays I’m going to make this short and sweet because there are only a couple of new releases worth mentioning. Even though there are quite a few different releases, two of them jump out at me.

Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie who is a lazy unpublished writer who is attempting to finish his first book. While attempting to finish his book he becomes addicted to a drug by the name of NZT. This drug gives him superhuman abilities that allow him to use 100 percent of his brain therefore allows him to become the perfect version of himself that he can be. While on NZT he finds himself getting into some shady stuff because he is addicted. There are forces around in his new life that are causing him some problems; they are even going as far as threatening his life. As you watch this paranoia-fueled thrill you see Cooper’s character clash with Robert De Niro‘s.

You will be able to find Limitless in stores as a two disc set. On disc one, the Blu-ray disc, you are getting the theatrical version and the unrated extended cut of the film plus special features, which includes an alternate ending and finally on the second disc, the digital copy, you are simply getting the digital copy. It appears like you will be able to find this Blu-ray with a slipcover as well. Currently Limitless is sitting with a fresh rating of 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t necessarily agree with this rating. I think that it is a little bit to high. When I first saw this film I liked the concept of it, however the more I thought about it after seeing it the more things I started to get annoyed with.

The next release that is heavily favorited by The Daily Rotation staff is Take Me Home Tonight starring Topher Grace as Matt Franklin. TMHT is a coming of age story for Matt Franklin. It is set in the 1980’s where everything is party this, party that. Franklin is a college student who is working at Suncoast Video instead of actually being somewhere with his life like everyone else seems to be. While at work one night the girl that he has loved since high school came in looking for movies to watch for the night. With some courage and white lies he finds himself getting invited to go with her to the biggest party of the year, Kyle’s famous house party. Could this possibly be the night that he gets everything that he has been dreaming for?

Take Me Home Tonight hits the shelves with two different packages for Blu-ray. First off we have the combo pack which has two discs. One of them is the Blu-ray and the other is the DVD/Digital Copy. The second package that we have is also a two disc, however this one has the Blu-ray disc and a digital copy. If you saw the box office numbers of TMHT you might be shocked. Just keep in mind that this movie was shelved for four years before it actually got a theatrical release. It also switched names a couple times while sitting there. Therefore since it was shelved for that long and it didn’t get a very good marketing plan, it’s sitting with a lame 28 percent on RT. Don’t let that percentage fool you though, Take Me Home Tonight is an absolutely hilarious film.

Well that pretty much covers the releases this week that jump out at me. Of course we have others such as Amelie, Doctor Who: Series Six, Part One, Tekken, Chocolat. Nothing else that really interests me. Check back next week when we have a couple of more new releases that should show to be interesting.

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